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  • Friedrichshain - Samariterkiez

    Magnificent old building on Bänschstraße

  • Friedrichshain - Samariterkiez


  • Friedrichshain - Samariterkiez

    View from Samariterstraße into Schreinerstraße

  • Friedrichshain - Samariterkiez


  • Friedrichshain - Samariterkiez

    Rigaer Straße/Proskauer Straße

  • Friedrichshain - Samariterkiez

    Occupied house on Rigaer Straße

  • Friedrichshain - Samariterkiez

    Café on Rigaer Straße/Gabelsberger Straße (2005)

The neighborhood is a mosaic of old and new buildings. Some colorful houses from the squatter era still remain.

The Nordkiez, also called Samariterkiez or Samariterviertel, is bordered by Frankfurter Allee in the south, Petersburger Straße in the west, the former Zentral-Vieh slaughterhouse in the north, and the Ringbahn railway in the east.

Samariterkirche and Forckenbeckplatz

Bänschstraße, which forms the urban centre of the neighbourhood on both sides of the Samariterkirche (Samaritan Church), isknown for its Art Nouveau facades. This area is quieter than in the rest of Friedrichshain. Forckenbeckplatz, which is often used for athletic activities, is a popular local recreation area.

Rigaer Straße

Once the epicenter of the squatter scene, some of the buildings on Rigaer Straße, are under monumental protection. The area is a mosaic of old and new buildings, with a few colourful houses from the "wild" times still remaining.

From Working-Class Neighborhood to Luxury Condos

Along with the modernization of the buildings, the social structure of the neighborhood has changed considerably. Many long-established tenants of the former working-class district were driven away while students and the urban middle class moved in. These days, Samariterkiez is considered a middle-class district with a number of luxury condominiums.

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