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Tickets: Theatre in Berlin

Clockwork Orange

Bored and beyond any prospects of a well-ordered life, Alex and his droogs roam around London’s suburbs, leaving a trail of devastation behind: criminal damage, robbery, rape, grievous bodily harm. more


Thomas Ostermeier's production of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" at the Schaubühne Berlin has been an integral part of the program since its premiere in 2008. more

Berlinen Affaires

»House of Dance« depicts a world where small-town existence threatens to suffocate big dreams, but where people’s longings and desires stubbornly persist beneath the surface in spite of all obstacles. more

Bowie in Berlin

In the summer of 1976, pop star David Bowie moves from Los Angeles to Berlin. Why Berlin? In fact, he created radically new music in Berlin in the following two years, recorded both an anthem and a legendary... more

The Tin Drum (Die Blechtrommel)

Oskar Matzerath has barely been born when he recognises the world to be a universal disaster – and rejects it entirely. Only the tin drum promised to him by his mother offers him an acceptable perspective... more

Mary Stuart (Maria Stuart)

Friedrich Schiller’s classic play is an intrigue involving politics, religion, love and power – a web in which all its characters are inescapably caught. more

Minna von Barnhelm

This classic play by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing deals with gender roles: What expectations are directed at the "stronger sex" and "male providers"? How and why does a woman have to fight to be allowed to... more


“We never wanted to take drugs. And we don't dance at raves, football matches, or church, either. We are suspicious, always have been, and even more so since Covid: everything seems intrusive, garish,... more

The Seagull

With a star-studded cast and a stage-filling tree installation, Thomas Ostermeier has transferred Chekhov's classic from Russia to the Berlin countryside. more

And then what?

Based on the idea of wanting to play with international improvisers by building a community where different voices from different countries can come together and weave stories under the many styles of... more


Jaws / Der weiße Hai attempts to capture the aura of a turning point in time that is still of central importance today. Today, the shark is no longer suitable as an animal metaphor for human greed and... more

It's Britney, Bitch!

“To understand the world we live in, we have to know how we love – because if we know how we love, we understand how we can save the world.” more


Rose rises from her tomb. From the dead, from the past. She alerts for an imminent war, for the extreme necessity of transformation of a woman’s soul, a woman who has stopped feeling. She has the key to... more

Die Dreigroschenoper (The Threepenny Opera)

Barrie Kosky transforms Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill's "Threepenny Opera" into a big-city ballad about people seeking happiness in a functional, sober world. more

reden über sex

An evening in Berlin. Three women and three men meet once a month to talk about sex - about sensual awakening moments, sexual experiences, secret fantasies and most ardent desires. A play about intimacy... more

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