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Herlinde Koelbl. Angela Merkel Portraits 1991 - 2021

When Chancellor Angela Merkel's term in office ends in autumn 2021, a unique project will also come to an end for photographer Herlinde Koelbl: Herlinde Koelbl has accompanied Angela Merkel for 30 years, with only a brief interruption. From 1991, when... more

Parasites - Life Undercover

Parasites - Life Undercover is a journey into the world of parasites. With real parasite specimens and spectacular objects, the exhibition illuminates how parasites have developed over the course of evolution, why their adaptations and life cycles are... more

Citizenships. Struggles for Political Belonging in Germany, France and Poland since the 19th Century (Working Title)

To belong - or not? This question triggers strong, even conflicting feelings. Citizenship bundles many of these feelings. It is a status of right that both unites and divides people. It establishes national and political community, but it also marks a... more

Shape everyday life!

"Shaping Everyday Life! Bauhaus Modernism in the GDR" is an exhibition of the Museum Utopia and Everyday Life, Eisenhüttenstadt, and was created in 2019 on the occasion of the Bauhaus anniversary. It focuses on the Bauhaus reception in the GDR. In keeping... more

Grown on sand

In the Mitte district lies the origin of Berlin. Built on märkish sand, the two cities of Cölln and Berlin grew together here in the 14th century to form a twin city. In the 19th century parts of the present district became a centre of industry. From... more

Songlines. Tracking the Seven Sisters

In cooperation with the Australian National Museum, the Humboldt Forum Foundation is showing the award-winning exhibition "Songlines" at the Humboldt Forum. The exhibition was curated by Margo Neale, Senior Indigenous Curator of the National Museum of... more

Songs of the Sky . Photography & the Cloud

„For centuries, we’ve looked to the sky to divine the future. Today, we look to the cloud.” – James Bridle Thinking about photography today entails a consideration of the infrastructures that form and organize networks. Regardless of whether images are... more

What? Where? Who? WOW! Lichtenberg

Starting June 11, 2021, the Museum Lichtenberg will open its exhibitions again. With the newly developed and designed permanent exhibition, we want to enter into a diverse dialogue with you. Find your story at Museum Lichtenberg. Come by! We look forward... more

Plattfuß in Berlin

The Pedersoli family pays tribute to their husband, father and grandfather, who died in 2016 at the age of 86, with an exhibition curated with affection and love. Hundreds of unique objects and memorabilia from Carlo Pedersoli's private life and film... more

The Shape of Freedom: International Abstraction after 1945

Following World War II, painting went in completely new directions. A new generation of artists turned their backs on the styles of the interwar period: Instead of figurative representation or geometric abstraction, painters in the orbit of Abstract Expressionism... more


Übergangsgesellschaft – Akteure der Transformation in Berlin und Brandenburg nach 1989 führt zurück in die Zeit des Umbruchs nach der Friedlichen Revolution und lässt die vielfältigen Aspekte und die Komplexität dieser Jahre am Beispiel der Lebenswege... more


Fotos und Texte vermitteln eine Übersicht zur Geschichte der Archenhold-Sternwarte von ihren Anfängen bis heute. Durch eine chronologische und thematische Darstellung werden auch politische und kulturelle Zusammenhänge deutlich. Preisinformationen: Besichtigung... more

Sibylle Bergemann

Price info: Increased admission prices may apply to selected special exhibitions. Tickets can be booked online here. In the entire building, it is obligatory to wear FFP2 masks covering mouth and nose. For your safety and ours, kindly observe our code... more

Computer games. Evolution of a medium

Experience current virtual worlds, the games of your youth as well as those of your parents and grandparents in the Computer Games Museum. With functional classics, rarities and 3-D simulators, you can travel interactively through the cultural history... more

Fortschritt als Versprechen. Industriefotografie im geteilten Deutschland (Arbeitstitel)

Price: €8.00 Reduced price: €4.00 more

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