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360° Stadion Tour 2026

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Helene Fischer

360° Stadium Tour 2026

Visitors to Helene Fischer's anniversary tour in 2026 can look forward to a breathtaking open-air experience. In Berlin, the Helene Fischer show will be celebrated in the middle of the Olympic Stadium on a 360° stage surrounded by the audience.

  • Helene Fischer 360° Stadion Tour 2026

    Helene Fischer 360° Stadion Tour 2026

Helene Fischer has set new standards with her internationally acclaimed Arena Tour of Records, which was celebrated by 800,000 fans. Now the outstanding singer and entertainer will create a breathtaking open-air experience that will give her and her audience new perspectives.

In 2026, to mark her 20th anniversary, Helene Fischer will present selected stadium concerts in 360° format in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The open-air spectacle, which celebrates her unique career while offering visions of the present, will stop off in Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Cologne, Hamburg, Vienna and Zurich. An appearance in Munich is firmly planned and will be confirmed shortly.

Helene's wish to perform in the middle of the concert audience and thus be as close as possible to all sections of the audience will be fulfilled with the surround concept. The 360° stage, set up in the center of the stadiums, is connected via catwalks to four satellite stages that take up the entire playing field.

From "Here to infinity", the title of her 2006 debut album, fans can experience Helene Fischer in all her versatility on the center stage and the other action areas. A stunning stage design and a sensational show will provide the backdrop for the greatest hits of her exceptional career and heart-stopping moments.

Helene Fischer is looking forward to the challenge of a gigantic open air production and to getting as close to the audience as possible.

With almost 18 million records sold, Helene Fischer is one of the most successful artists in Europe and has continued to develop herself and her performances concert after concert with maximum passion. More than seven million fans have experienced her live during her tours.

YouTube-Video: Helene Fischer - 360° Stadion Tour 2026

YouTube-Video: Helene Fischer - 360° Stadion Tour 2026

Runtime: Sat, 13/06/2026 to Sat, 11/07/2026

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