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After the tour is before the tour: In 2024, the sound visionary Schiller is back touring through the clubs of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. more


Directly after an excessive festival summer that saw the band headlining their "God Save The Rave" show across all of Europe's open air stages, Scooter are announcing their next big arena tour: Thirty,... more


The entity Deichkind - what a beautiful puzzle for us! Deichkind - everyone wonders: Are they people or people? Is everything still fresh with them? more

DJ Shadow

To present his new album "Action Adventure", the Californian sample specialist DJ Shadow will go on an extensive international tour. more

French 79

A few days ago, "Life Is Like", the new single by French 79, was released. There it is again, that contemplative sound that makes the music of the electropop pioneer so distinctive. more


„Hishigaro“ is a sound performance project which challenges the boundaries of language, sound, and technology. It tells the tale of Hishigaro, a character on a quest to save his village from an enigmatic... more

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