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Ruth Schonthal - ihr Leben und ihre Zeit (I)

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Ruth Schonthal - her life and times (I)

First part of a three-part homage

Ruth Schonthal

Ruth Schonthal

On the 100th birthday of Ruth Schonthal (27.06.1924 - 11.07.2006): In a three-part tribute, the Modern Times Quartet plays works by the emigrated composer, who was considered a child prodigy in 1930s Berlin - and compositions by her contemporaries.

Ruth Schonthal: String Quartet No. 1 and 2
Nancy Van de Vate (a companion in the USA): String Quartet No. 1.

Theodor Flindell & Maressa Portilho (violins)
Amanda Bailey (viola) and
Petra Kießling (violoncello).

Price: €20.00

Reduced price: €15.00

Booking: Please register by phone at 030 817047-26 or by email at .

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