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Fourty - Kein Abitour '24

René Rackwitz, better known today as Fourty, began writing lyrics at the age of 15 and recorded his first songs in 2014 under the pseudonym 40CRWNS in the A7 recording studio in Waiblingen.

In 2018, he signed with PA Sports' second label "Dreamseller" and a year later signed an artist contract with Life is Pain. Since then, the 28-year-old has firmly established himself in the German rap scene. He received the Golden Record in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for his hit song "Weisser Rauch" (2020), which has over 100 million streams on Spotify to date. Further tracks such as "Heute Nacht" with Jamule, "Wieder mal" with Monet192 and "Herz gegen Verstand" shaped his path and were released as part of the first EP under the title "London Dry" in June 2020. In 2021, his album "Afterhour" was released with hits such as "Heimkommen", "Memories" and "Moonlight". This was followed in 2022 by his album "Behind the Scenes" and the collabo album "Kids with Attitude" (K.W.A) together with his label partner Jamule. The singles "Kissenschlacht" and "2000 Euro" became real earworms and were celebrated by fans on the subsequent Life is Pain Tour.

Fourty's art is diverse. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes profound and serious and then again with a pinch of humor. His collaboration partners couldn't be more different either. PA Sports, Wincent Weiss, Mike Singer, Jamule, Monet192, 1986, Mathea, Vanessa Mai, Bausa and many more. - the list is long, the contrasts are great. With the release of his two EPs "Love is for Sale" and "Moskauluft" in 2023, he once again shows his multifaceted nature and is now embarking on his first solo tour.

Runtime: Mon, 14/10/2024 to Tue, 22/10/2024

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