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The Sound of Hans Zimmer & John Williams

This live film music spectacle brings the soundtracks from Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, The Dark Knight, E.T., Schindler's List, Gladiator, Jurassic Park and many more to the stage.

The Sound of Hans Zimmer and John Williams

The Sound of Hans Zimmer and John Williams

Even in Hollywood, soundtrack specialists are not given much time to dress the freshly cut cinema images in the appropriate orchestral garb. And yet it is often the composers who help a film to achieve immortality - with brilliant melodic ideas and an unerring sense of emotion and drama.

John Williams and Hans Zimmer are the names of the two great sound magicians of our days, who gave generations of cinema fans goose bumps and feelings of happiness, whose melodies everyone knows. Williams alone has been nominated for an Oscar more than 50 times, and of course the two figureheads of film symphonics have recently been back on the celebrity list. Both of them have their very own sound language, whose stylistic range nevertheless knows no bounds and sets new standards.

All the many catchy tunes and striking themes let the film music spectacle "The Sound of Hans Zimmer & John Williams" shine in a true feast of timbres! Film and cinema specialist Steven Gätjen takes the audience on a journey to the Hollywood dream factory.

Steven Gätjen, Moderator (Dresden, Nuremberg, Frankfurt & Stuttgart)
Nina Eichinger, Moderator (Munich & Berlin)
Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir
German Film Orchestra Babelsberg

Runtime: Sat, 02/03/2024 to Sat, 29/03/2025

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