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Coronavirus measures relaxed, mask obligation remains on public transport

Die FFP2-Maske sollte richtig passen

Many Coronavirus measures are history for Berliners from Friday (April 01, 2022).

Berlin is thus adopting the requirements of the federal Infection Protection Act. For example, the obligation to wear a mask in shops and schools as well as the 3G rule in restaurants and hotels have been done away with. According to a decision by the Senate, however, Berliners still have to adhere to some basic protective measures. These include mandatory face masks on public transport as well as in hospitals, day clinics, nursing homes and at the doctor.

Extended compulsory testing at schools

Coronavirus tests continue to be mandatory three times a week in Berlin schools. Per the suggestion of the Senate Department for Education, the testing rule now also applies to vaccinated and recovered students, teachers and school employees. Senator for Education Astrid-Sabine Busse is critical of the abolition of compulsory masks in schools and has called for voluntary adherence to this protective measure.

Several cultural institutions retain compulsory masks

A number of Berlin's cultural institutions have already declared their intention to voluntarily put a mask requirement in place. These include, for example, the city's three opera houses, the Deutsches Theater, the Schaubühne, the Berliner Ensemble and the Humboldt Forum. Within the framework of so-called house rights, it is possible for such institutions to continue to insist on the mask requirement.

Quarantine regulations for infected persons and contacts remain in place

In general, the previous regulations for isolation and quarantine after a positive Coronavirus test will also apply in the future. This also applies to those who have been classified as close contacts by the public health department and have neither been vaccinated nor recovered.

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Further information: Coronavirus measures (Covid-19)
Publication date: 1 April 2022
Last updated: 1 April 2022

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