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1473: Berlin has highest Coronavirus incidence nationwide


Samples for corona testing are prepared for further examination.

Coronavirus case numbers in Berlin continue to skyrocket. The incidence has risen again and was at 1473.1 on Saturday (Jan. 22, 2022), according to data from the Robert Koch Institute.

Incidence in Berlin continues to rise significantly

Berlin thus had the highest incidence of all German states with 1473.1, up from 1258.3 the previous day. The nationwide incidence was at 772.7. The number indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants have been proven to be infected with the coronavirus in the past seven days.

Over 14,000 new infections reported

14,087 new Corona viruscases were recorded in Berlin between Friday and Saturday, according to the RKI. This means that 451,648 people have been confirmed to have been infected since the start of the pandemic. Five additional deaths were recorded in connection with Covid-19. The official number of people who have died from or with Covid-19 is 4082.

Situation in ICUs still under control

However, the situation in intensive care units remains under control: 16 percent of intensive care beds in Berlin were occupied by Covid-19 patients. The percentage thus remained below the critical mark of 20 percent. However, the hospitalization incidence, which indicated how many people out of 100,000 had to be hospitalized due to Coronavirus within a week, was at 16.3 and thus remained in the critical range.

Incidence in Mitte above 2800: high lab density and change in reporting procedure

For the district Mitte, the Senate's situation report reported an incidence value of 2814.3 - significantly higher than the previous day (around 2200). City Health Councilor Christoph Keller had cited various reasons for the high numbers on Friday: Among other things, he said, the procedure for processing Covid-19 cases from the district's numerous hospitals had been changed at the beginning of the year. Positive cases are no longer sorted according to the principle of residence and assigned to other health offices, but processed and reported by the district's health departmnt. In addition, he said, the density of laboratories in Mitte contributes to the high incidence. The district is also a center for office workplaces and recreational events, he said. Lists kept there for attendance documentation are assigned to the Mitte health departmation, Keller explained.

Publication date: 22 January 2022
Last updated: 24 January 2022

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