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Berlin dog registry: owners face new mandatory registration for dogs

Jahres PK Fressnapf - Hund mit Kauknochen

Since the beginning of 2022, all Berlin dog owners are Required to register their four-legged friends in a central registry.

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More information: Berlin Dog Registry
Publication date: January 03, 2022
Last updated: January 03, 2022

All dogs older than three months in Berlin are already required to have a chip. According to the responsible Senate Department for the Environment, Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Protection, the additional registration requirement will make it easier to identify dogs and track down their owners in the future. Additionally, it is supposed to facilitate statistical evaluations of the potentiL dangerousness of certain breeds or crossbreeds. The registration of one's dog in the dog registry is subject to a fee. Online registration costs €17.50, registration by telephone or in writing costs €26.50.

Transition period until mid-2022

For all those who were already dog owners before January of 2022, a transitional period applies: the entry in the dog registry must be made by July 01, 2022. Failure to register a dog is considered an administrative offense and may result in a fine. The Senate Department responsible for the central registry has commissioned the company GovConnect GmbH to maintain the Berlin Dog Registry.

Author: BerlinOnline/
Publication date: 13 April 2024
Last updated: 4 January 2022

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