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Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand

  • German Resistance Memorial Centre
  • Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand (5)
  • Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand (3)
  • Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand (1)
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The German Resistance Memorial Center is a place of remembrance, political education, active learning, documentation and research.

The memorial is located in the "Bendlerblock". It was at this historic site that Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg and three of his co-conspirators were shot after the failed coup attempt of July 20, 1944. The memorial site in the cour d'honneur protects the fate of those affected from oblivion and commemorates the resistance against National Socialism and the events of July 20, 1944.

Resistance to National Socialism" permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition "Resistance to National Socialism" impressively shows how diverse the fight against National Socialism was. Prominent cases such as the attempted coup d'état of 20 July 1944 are highlighted, as is resistance by young people, Christians or members of the labour movement. The wide range of resistance in Nazi Germany is thus made visible in a multitude of thematic areas. Separate chapters are devoted to Georg Elser's assassination attempt on 8 November 1939, the attempted coup on 20 July 1944, the Kreisau Circle, the White Rose and the Red Chapel, and resistance from exile.

Changing exhibitions, educational programmes and events complement the permanent exhibition of the German Resistance Memorial Center.

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Stauffenbergstr. 13
10785 Berlin
+49 (0)30 269 950 00
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat/Sun und public holidays 10-18
Admission Fee
Admission free
accessible for people with impairments
Access to the commemorative courtyard may be difficult for some wheelchair users due to cobblestones. The elevator is suitable for wheelchair users, with a clearance width of 88 cm and an inside depth of 130 cm. The permanent exhibition is barrier-free. A barrier-free WC is provided.

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