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Voi: E-Scooter

Berliners and visitors can explore the city center with ease using the electric scooters from Voi.

The Swedish company Voi lends its electric scooters to people aged 18 and over, mainly in Berlin's city centre.

Important: No E-Scooters on Sidewalks

It is forbidden to drive electric scooters on sidewalks and in pedestrian zones. Violations may result in a fine. Do not park your scooter in the middle of sidewalks or in driveways. Scooters may not be parked on pavements or in driveways, but must be parked in public or collective parking spaces.


Before renting an e-scooter from Voi, you first have to download the free app. After registering and entering your payment information, you're ready to go.

Rental Process and Pricing

You can locate and unlock a Voi e-scooter near you via the app. Pricing consists of a one-euro fee for unlocking the scooter and a price per minute. A fully charged electric scooter can reach speeds of up to 20 km/h.

Area of Use and Returns

The scooters can be driven and parked within the operating area defined by Voi. Parking spots must be open to the public. A click in the app ends the rental process and locks the electric scooter.

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Last edited: 27 January 2023