The startup Circ rents out around 100 electric scooters based on the sharing principle in Berlin.


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The electric scooter sharing company Circ - formerly known as Flash - was founded in August 2018. The startup rents out electric scooters according to the sharing principle and was the first operator to have its e-scooters on the streets in Berlin. The company also operates in Spain, France, Austria, Denmark and Belgium.

Important: No e-scooters on sidewalks

Pavements and pedestrian zones are off-limits for electric scooters. Violations may result in a fine. Please do not park your scooter in the middle of sidewalks or driveways.

Login and registration

In order to use the Circ electric scooters, a free app must be downloaded. After registration and the submission of credit card data, you can start.

How to rent and pricing

The app helps finding an electric scooter nearby and unlocking it. The basic fee for rental a Circ e-scooter is one Euro. Each minute or part thereof costs 15 cents.

Area of use and return

Currently, the electric scooters from Circ can be rented in the Berlin city centre. A full battery charge is enough for 34 to 45 kilometres. The electric scooters may only be parked in the defined inner city area. The provider's app is used to lock the scooter and end the hire.
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Electric Scooter Sharing

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Last edited: 17. September 2019