The Berlin startup Tier rents out electric scooters according to the sharing principle.


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The Berlin-based company Tier has been offering electric scooters for sharing since June 2019. The startup is active in ten countries.

Important: No e-scooters on sidewalks

Pavements and pedestrian zones are off-limits for electric scooters. Violations may result in a fine. Please do not park your scooter in the middle of sidewalks or driveways.

Login and registration

Before an electric scooter can be borrowed, users have to register via the provider's free app. In addition, users are asked to submit their credit card details as the scooter rides are paid for via this account. The minimum age for borrowing an e-scooter of Tier is 18 years.

How to rent and pricing

You can borrow the electric scooter via the app. The unlocking of a scooter is done by a scan or a button. Then instructions are given about the app and the ride can begin. After reaching the destination, the electric scooter is locked again via a button.
The price for a ride on the Tier brand e-scooter consists of a fixed activation fee and a per-minute charge. In Berlin, the activation of a scooter costs one euro, 15 cents are charged for every minute or part thereof.

Area of use and return

Tier's e-scooters may be driven and parked anywhere within the area defined by Tier. The parking space for the scooter must be public and accessible to all. The rental process is simply terminated via the app.
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Electric Scooter Sharing

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Last edited: 11. September 2020