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E-Scooter in Hamburg

In addition to e-scooters, Bolt also rents out electric bikes in Berlin's city center.

If you want to rent an electric bike in Berlin, you can turn to the company Bolt, whose green e-bikes are available for rent all over downtown Berlin.


Bolt's electric bikes can be rented in Berlin via the provider's app. Downloading the app is free of charge. After registering and choosing your preferred payment method - credit card or PayPal - the ride can begin.

Rental Process and Pricing

Free electric bikes from Bolt can be located via the Bolt app. Here, the nearby vehicles are always displayed from one's own point of view. Bolt bikes are located in downtown Berlin, but also in some outer districts such as Spandau and Zehlendorf. Once a bike has been located, it can be reserved for a small fee. The bike itself is unlocked by scanning the QR code. No fee is charged for unlocking the bike. The ride is billed to the minute. If you want to take a break, you can pause the ride. During a pause, the rental continues but a lower fee is charged than during the ride.


Once you have reached your destination, you can park your e-bike in any suitable spot. The Bolt app shows the zones within the Berlin metropolitan area where parking is permitted or prohibited. Parked bicycles must not hinder or obstruct other traffic participants under any circumstances. Once the bike is parked, the rental can be terminated via the app.

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Last edited: 1 August 2022