Jump rents out e-bikes in downtown Berlin, following the sharing economy approach.

  • Jump© dpa
  • Jump© dpa
Jump belongs to the company Uber and has installed the first electric rental bikes in Berlin in 2018. The electric bikes from Jump can also be used to travel further distances within Berlin, as the neon red bikes have an electric motor. The more you pedal, the greater the support from the bike's engine. This makes it possible to cover longer distances in a relaxed manner in Berlin. The e-bikes can reach a speed of up to 25 km/h.

Login and registration

The e-bikes can be rented via the Uber app, which can be downloaded free of charge. Available bikes can be found via an integrated GPS sensor and the app. If the desired electric bike is reserved via the app, the customer is sent a message with a code to unlock the bicycle. The PIN can be entered via a keyboard on the rear wheel. If the combination lock is unlocked with the PIN, it can simply be removed and you are ready to go.

How to rent and pricing

The Jump bikes cost one euro for the first 20 minutes, then ten cents for every additional minute. The time starts running as soon as the e-bike has been reserved via the app. The bikes can be parked for an hour in between. There are no costs during this parking time. If the bike is parked outside the service area, there will be an extra charge of 25 euros.


The return of the electric bicycles takes place independently of the station at a public bicycle stand within the Jump service area. The bike is secured with a shackle lock.
Teilzeit-Auto kommt in Mode
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Getting Around

Electric scooters, bicycle or car sharing: Berlin has a number of transport options that will let you navigate the city with ease. more

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