LimeBike provides electric bicycles for rent in Berlin in addition to normal bikes without a motor.


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LimeBike has also taken up the cause of reducing pollution in cities through its rental bike scheme. If you want to protect the environment and not pedal so much at the same time, the Californian company might be for you: It offers electric bicycles (e-bikes) for rent in addition to traditional bicycles which manage without a motor.

Login and registration

Registration is the same as for other rental bicycle systems. After downloading the app and registering for free, you can use the app to find a bike nearby. With the help of the smartphone, the bicycle can then be unlocked on site by scanning the QR code or entering the wheel number. Then, the ride can begin.

How to rent and pricing

Normal rental bikes at LimeBike cost one euro for half an hour. The costs for the electric bikes, which are expensive to purchase and maintain, are somewhat higher: here customers pay a surcharge of 15 cents per minute in addition to the one euro per half hour.


Bicycles of the company LimeBike can be parked in the entire city area and the suburbs without being tied to a specific station - this is also called dockless bike hire. Trips to Potsdam or other cities close to Berlin are possible as well. So for commuters from the suburbs of Berlin, the electric bikes could be particularly interesting.
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Getting Around

Electric scooters, bicycle or car sharing: Berlin has a number of transport options that will let you navigate the city with ease. more

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