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Easter in the Corona Crisis: What is allowed?

Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt

Easter in Berlin will probably be under the influence of the Corona pandemic once again this year. So what are the rules for finding Easter eggs outdoors? Will there be Easter bonfires?

Is the Easter egg hunt allowed outside?

The principle of minimising contact also applies during the Easter holidays. The contact restrictions in force will not be relaxed during the holidays. Accordingly, Easter egg hunts are only possible if certain measures of distance and hygiene are observed:

  • Hunting for Easter eggs with your own children in your own backyard/garden are allowed.
  • Inviting people from outside the household into one's own garden, i.e. including other families and children, is only permitted within a very narrow framework: No more than five persons from no more than two households may come together (children up to 14 are not counted).
  • Easter egg hunts with one's own children in public parks are permitted, provided that all distance rules can be observed.
  • Gatherings with other parents and children in the public parks and gardens are permitted only to a very limited extent. Again, no more than five people from a maximum of two households may meet (children 14 and under are not counted).

Will there be big Easter bonfires?

Easter bonfires for the general public are not permitted. Bonfires, including Easter bonfires, in public parks and gardens are generally prohibited in Berlin. Easter bonfires on private property are generally permitted and are not subject to environmental licensing requirements.

Will Easter markets open in Berlin in 2021?

No. Currently the following applies: Public and non-public events, meetings, gatherings and assemblies may not take place. Folk festivals and fairs are also prohibited. The regular organisation of Easter markets is therefore not possible.

Are flower shops allowed to open?

Yes. Florists and flower shops are generally allowed to open. Customers must wear an FFP2 mask while shopping and keep the minimum distance from other customers and sales staff. However, the Test & Meet principle must also be observed: Customers must show a negative Corona (rapid) test.

Are Easter services held?

Yes and no. In compliance with strict distance and hygiene guidelines, services will be held in presence form during the Easter holidays. In the interest of minimising contact, numerous services in Berlin churches will also be recorded or will be available as a live stream on the internet.

Last edited: 30 March 2021