Easter in the Corona Crisis: What is allowed?

Easter in the Corona Crisis: What is allowed?

Easter in Berlin 2020 is under the influence of the Corona pandemic. So what are the rules for finding Easter eggs outdoors? Will there be Easter bonfires? An overview of what is still allowed in times of exit and contact restrictions in Berlin.

Easter egg hunt

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Easter egg hunt

Due to the Corona pandemic, extensive distance and hygiene rules apply in Berlin. Events in the leisure and entertainment sector may not take place until the end of March 7, 2021. Museums, galleries and other cultural institutions may not open until that date. Further information »

In order to keep the infection rate by the coronavirus as low as possible, extensive contact restrictions were decided in Berlin. As a general rule, citizens must stay in their flat or their usual accommodation. However, under certain conditions it is possible to leave the accommodation, even at Easter.

Is the Easter egg hunt allowed outside?

Yes, under certain conditions Easter eggs can be hidden outside and hopefully found:

  • Yes, hunting for Easter eggs with your own children in your own backyard/garden is allowed.
  • No, inviting people from outside the household into your own garden, including other families and children, is not permitted.
  • Yes, the Easter egg hunt with your own children in the public park is permitted. However, this only applies if all distance rules can be observed.
  • No, gatherings with other parents and children in the public parks and gardens are not allowed.

Will there be big Easter bonfires?

No, Easter bonfires for the general public are not permitted. Campfires, including Easter bonfires, in public green spaces and parks are generally prohibited in Berlin. However, Easter bonfires on private property are generally permitted and are not subject to any environmental permit requirements.

Will Easter markets open in Berlin in 2020?

No, of course not. Public and non-public events, assemblies, meetings and gatherings may not take place. The popular Easter markets in the City West and on Alexanderplatz will therefore be cancelled this year.

Are flower shops allowed to open?

Yes. Nobody has to do without daffodils, bouquets or the traditional Easter wreath. Florists and Florists are on the positive list of the Berlin Senate. When entering the shops, please always keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to other customers or to the staff.

Is there a relaxation of contact restrictions for grandparents?

No, under no circumstances. Although the visit of grandma and grandpa is an integral part of the Easter tradition in many families, this (personal) contact must be avoided in the year of the Corona crisis. And this is for your own safety. However, there is nothing to be said against an extensive video conference with the grandparents!

Are Easter services held?

No again. The churches are closed and so the Easter services will be cancelled this year due to contact restrictions to contain the corona pandemic. However, some services will be recorded and put on the Internet without visitors in the Berlin churches.

Last edited: 9. April 2020