Brett Charles Seiler: Riding In Cars With Boys

Brett Charles Seiler: Riding In Cars With Boys

January 12 - February 25, 2023

Gender, relationships, self-determination and self-discovery: "Riding In Cars With Boys" is South African artist Brett Charles Seiler's first solo exhibition in Europe.

Seiler's works includes elements of painting, drawing, installation, and object art. The use of text and language also plays a major role - sometimes poetic, nostalgic or romantic, it is a component of Seiler's artworks or stands on its own as a work of art. In Seiler's paintings, space is indeterminate, figures are sketchy and fleeting, and text elements seem spontaneous.

Gender, Relationships and Self-Discovery

The color scheme of Seiler's works moves in a narrow spectrum between black, gray, white and brown tones; mixed variants of the material he predominantly uses: Bitumen. Wood is also frequently used. These simple and rather rough materials, usually used in street or house construction, contrast with the intimate, tender pictorial situations. Gender, relationships, self-determination and self-discovery are central themes in his work. Coming from Zimbabwe, a country where homosexual acts between men are punishable by law, Seiler's works also set an example for equal sexual orientation.

At a Glance

Brett Charles Seiler: Riding In Cars With Boys
Gallery Eigen+Art
12 January 2023
25 February 2023
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm
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Gallery Eigen+Art

Auguststraße 26
10117 Berlin

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