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I See You

Contemporary art on the Teufelsberg: The exhibition «I See You» shows works by Lars Eidinger, Hanna Nitsch and Peter Doherty, among others.

The art exhibition «I See You» in the Radar Station on the Teufelsberg is a «project of the heart» by artist Anna Borowy. On display are works by Hanna Nitsch, Martin Eder, Jonas Bungert, Peter Doherty, Maximilian Schippmann, Bára Finnsdóttir, Julia Bulik, Timo Aubrey, Johannes Ackermann, Hendrik Wolter, Lars Eidinger and the initiator herself.

At a glance

I See You
9 April 2022
1 May 2022
Admission Fee
8 Euro, red. 6 Euro (cash only)
Opening hours
12 noon to sunset (29 April to 01 May: 12 noon to midnight)


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Teufelsseechaussee 10
14193 Berlin

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