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The Art of Banksy

Banksy, currently probably the world's most famous and at the same time most mysterious street art artist, has his own exhibition in the Bikini Berlin.

The British sprayer has become known worldwide for his ironic, political and poetic statements in works such as "Girl With Balloon","Monkey Queen" and "Rude Copper" and has already written art history. More than forty of the artist's motifs are shown in the Berlin exhibition "The Art of Banksy". The works come from private collections all over the world. Curated by Banksy's former manager, Steve Lazarides, the exhibition presents the most comprehensive collection of Banksy artworks to date.

Big riddle about the phantom Banksy

Above the enigmatic Banksy as a person there is still a big question mark floating: There is hardly any information about the big unknown, he should be about 40 years old and come from Bristol. Banksy sprays his art on walls all over the world, whether in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank, which is why a collective of artists is believed to be behind the Phantom Banksy.

Banksy at Bikini Berlin

Following an exhibition at a former Berlin night club, the "The Art of Banksy" has now moved to the shopping centre Bikini Berlin near the Zoo in Berlin's western city centre. The exhibition is located on the first floor. The event is organized by the Istanbul Entertainment Group (IEG).

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Budapester Straße 42-50
10787 Berlin

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