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Müggelheim Neighborhood Festival

  • Müggelheimer Angerfest (1)
  • Müggelheimer Angerfest (2)

The traditional district festival "Angerfest" in Müggelheim attracts people to this green part of southeast Berlin every year at the beginning of June.

Every year in June, the old village green in Müggelheim transforms into a hive of activity. While children enjoy various rides, adult visitors are entertained by a diverse stage program. Those looking for gifts or unique decorations will find what they are looking for at the many arts and crafts stands. Of course, no one will go hungry: Street food stalls will cater to the physical well-being of visitors with a variety of yummy treats on offer.

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Müggelheim Festival 2024
Müggelheim village green
31 May 2024
2 June 2024
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Alt-Müggelheim 22
12559 Berlin

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