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Special Olympics Festival 2023


On the occasion of the Special Olympics World Games 2023 in Berlin, celebrations and parties will take place all over the city.

The Special Olympics World Summer Games for athletes with intellectual or multiple disabilities will bring a festival atmosphere to the German capital. For ten days, a diverse cultural program at various locations in Berlin will put inclusion, respect and, last but not least, fun on the agenda.

Art, Music, Theater and more

The central venue of the festival is the area around the Neptune Fountain in Berlin-Mitte, but program points will also take place on Alexanderplatz, at Messe Berlin and the Olympic Stadium, and even in Brandenburg. Details about the festival concept and the individual program points have not been announced yet

At a Glance

Special Olympics Festival 2023
Around the Neptune Fountain
15 June 2023
25 June 2023
Opening Ceremony
June 17, 2023 at the Olympic Stadium

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Rathausstraße 1
10178 Berlin

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