Heritage Day in Berlin

Heritage Day in Berlin

12 and 13 September 2020

At the Heritage Day, also known as Day of the Open Monument, numerous monuments which are usually closed to the public open their doors for visitors.

Heritage Day

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With the aim of inhibiting the spread of the coronavirus, extensive rules of distance and hygiene apply in Berlin. If you have any questions regarding events, please contact the respective organizer directly or visit the website of the event location. Further information »

The Heritage Day - in Berlin called "Day of the open Monument" - takes place every year in September and is a Europe-wide event. Its aim is to sensitize people for the meaning of cultural heritage and to awaken their interest for the care and preservation of ancient monuments.

View behind the scenes

At the "Day of the open Monument" in Berlin monument conservators invite to guided tours on, at and in ancient monuments, buildings and places which normally are not accessible for visitors. While talking about but also showing their day-to-day work the experts make it tangible to visitors and also strengthen people's perception of cultural sites. Other experts, such as archeologists and craftsmen demonstrate certain work techniques and lead the visitors' eye to details which would normally remain hidden.
Opening Hours
12 and 13 September 2020
Useful hints
Due to the corona pandemic, it is currently still unclear whether the Day of the open Monument 2020 in Berlin can take place in the usual form and scope. Further information will follow shortly.

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