Louis Lewandowski Festival

Louis Lewandowski Festival

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The Louis Lewandowski Festival is a choir festival dedicated to the music of Jewish composers who emigrated from Germany. It is named after the German-Jewish composer of the same name.


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The Louis Lewandowski Festival is organized by the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Synagogal Ensemble Berlin. The ensemble is the only ensemble in the world performing Lewandowski's liturgy every Friday evening, every Shabbat morning and on all Jewish holidays.

Festival concerts keep Lewandowski's musical legacy alive

At the festival the Synagogal Ensemble is supported by other ensembles and choirs from all over the world. Together they present compositions from Lewandowski himself as well as other Jewish composers. The concerts are held at synagogues, churches and other cultural venues in Berlin.

The Work of Louis Lewandowski

Louis Lewandowski (1821–1894) was a German-Jewish composer who spent most of his life in Berlin. His work modernized the Jewish liturgy by creating new harmonies to accompany religious ceremonies. His compositions made Jewish synagogue music popular all over the world.
Opening Hours
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Useful hints
Concerts are held at various locations. For more information and full concert programme, see festival website.
Official Louis Lewandowski Festival website (in English)
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Source: BerlinOnline/Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Synagogal Ensemble Berlin e.V.

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