48 Hours Neukölln

48 Hours Neukölln

14 - 16 June 2019

"48 hours Neukölln" is an art festival in the locality of the same name. Within 48 hours about 300 cultural institutions and societies display the diversity of Neukölln's artistic potential.

48 hours Neukölln

© Christiane Schröder

People from more than 160 nations and with different backgrounds, religions and world views live in the Neukölln district. This diversity can cause tensions but it also makes Neukölln an exciting part of the city to live in.

To show the potential of this diversity, the art festival "48 Hours Neukölln" was established in 1999 by the registered society "Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V.". The Kulturnetzwerk works closely with the district's cultural office to make the festival a success.

48 Hours Neukölln: Everyone is welcome

Artists, groups and organizations based in the district are invited to participate with performances, art events or exhibitions. Many of the festival events even allow visitors to participate and be creative themselves. The festival's theme in 2019 is "Futur III".
Opening Hours
Friday, 14 June to Sunday, 16 June 2019
Useful hints
Performances and artworks at various locations primarily in the north of Neukölln
Official 48 Hours Neukölln Website (in English)

Photo Gallery (in German)

48 Stunden Neukölln

  • 48h Neukölln© Dagmar Morath
    48h Neukölln
  • 48h Neukölln© Ines Borchart
    48h Neukölln
  • 48h Neukölln© Tanja Schnitzler
    48h Neukölln
  • 48h Neukölln© Tanja Schnitzler
    48h Neukölln
  • 48h Neukölln© Michaela Kirschning
    48h Neukölln
  • 48h Neukölln© simon
    48h Neukölln
  • 48h Neukölln© Tobias Lehmann
    48h Neukölln
  • 48h Neukölln© Amelie Losier
    48h Neukölln
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