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Transmediale is a festival for media art and digital culture. The festival programme includes an exhibition, live performances, a film and video programme but also symposiums and workshops.


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Feel My Metaverse: Behind this Screen I Am on the Real Earth, 2020

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In response to the corona crisis, the Transmediale Festival 2021 will be extended throughout the year. The Transmediale kicks off on January 23, 2021, and will take place at several venues throughout Berlin.

Transmediale is a festival that aims to challenge people to explore and rethink their everyday relationship to technology and encourage the critical understanding of art, culture and politics in a society shaped by the media.

Exhibition Programme

The festival programme includes a thematic exhibition that displays different types of art, but also film and video screenings, performances, a number of workshops and a conference programme. While the video category covers a wide range of short films, retrospectives and documentaries, the performance category focuses on forms of expression that combine art installation, sound, performance and video live on stage.

Transmediale 2021: for refusal

The motto of Transmediale 2021 is "for refusal". The act of denying is thus the focus of this year's edition. The perception of refusal as a passive or inactive state is to be fundamentally changed. Rather, a refusal is an active and thoughtful act. Transmediale 2021 approaches this themes with exhibitions, workshops, films, discourses and more. An online program on the website complements the physical event formats. The Transmediale starts on 23. January 2021 with an exhibition at two locations and the film program "remote. response. request" in the Transmediale Studio.

Transmediale Projects Throughout the Year

The Transmediale is also involved in different sorts of projects. One of them is the CTM Festival (formerly club transmediale), a festival for contemporary electronic music that takes place at the same time as the transmediale.

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