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Transmediale is a festival for media art and digital culture. The festival programme includes an exhibition, live performances, a film and video programme but also symposiums and workshops.


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Feel My Metaverse: Behind this Screen I Am on the Real Earth, 2020

In response to the Corona crisis, the Transmediale Festival 2021/22 has been stretched over the whole year. In 2023, it is expected that the festival can again take place bundled in January or February. The activities of Transmediale aim to provide a critical understanding of contemporary culture and politics shaped by media technologies.

Exhibition Programme

The festival programme includes a thematic exhibition that displays different types of art, but also film and video screenings, performances, a number of workshops and a conference programme. While the video category covers a wide range of short films, retrospectives and documentaries, the performance category focuses on forms of expression that combine art installation, sound, performance and video live on stage.

Transmediale 2021/22: for refusal

The motto of Transmediale 2021/22 was "for refusal". The act of refusal was thus the focus of last year's edition. The motto of Transmedial 2023 is not yet known.

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