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  • Summer in Berlin 2016

    Wannsee lido in Berlin-Nikolassee

  • Nikolassee

    Terraced houses on Wasgenstraße

  • Nikolassee


  • Nikolassee

    Residential building in the southwest of Nikolassee

  • Nikolassee

    Villa in Nikolassee

  • Nikolassee

    Villa in Nikolassee

  • Schlachtensee

    A sunbathing lawn at Schlachtensee.

  • Schlachtensee

    Mother and child in Schlachtensee

  • Sailing on the river Havel

    Sailing enthusiasts celebrate the traditional start of teh sailing season on the Havel island Schwanenwerder in Berlin.

  • Ice chunks on the Havel

    Chunks of ice lie on the frozen Havel River near Berlin in front of Lindwerder Island, which also belongs to Nikolassee.

In this villa district in Berlin's southwest, residents live elegantly yet modestly. The Wannsee lido makes the district a popular destination for excursions.

Nikolassee was once established as a villa district and this character has been preserved until today. The district is a quiet residential area with a small center around the S-Bahn station Nikolassee.

Wonnegauviertel and Zehlendorf Forest Cemetery

In the 1930s, the neighborhood Wonnegauviertel was built on the eastern edge around Beskidenstraße and Pfeddersheimer Weg. It consists of single-family houses. South of it lies the Zehlendorf forest cemetery and the Düppel dog walking area. Important personalities such as Hildegard Knef, Willy Brandt, Walter Scheel, Otto Suhr, and Hans Scharoun are buried in the forest cemetery. Behind the state border to Brandenburg, the municipality of Kleinmachnow begins.

Wannsee Lido and Rehwiese

The Wannsee lido with its wicker beach chairs and sun terraces is a popular recreational destination. This lido is one of the largest of its kind in Europe and can accommodate up to 30,000 bathers. The sand for it was imported by train. On the slopes of the Rehwiese lowlands are villas from the turn of the century on both sides. This formerly swampy hollw connects the two lakes Schlachtensee and Nikolassee. Today, it is largely drained.

Student Village Schlachtensee and Schwanenwerder

Around Wasgenstraße is the student village Schlachtensee, a building complex from the 1960s. Here, 27 apartment buildings stand around a central square. Berlin's wealthy and beautiful elite lives very exclusively on the mini-island of Schwanenwerder, where the entrance gates to the extensive waterfront properties show no resident names for privacy reasions.

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Portrait of Zehlendorf