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Portrait of Weißensee

4. Drachenbootrennen auf dem Weißen See

District of Weißensee

Multi-storey old buildings make up most of the housing in Weißensee.The name of the district is given by the Weißer See (White Lake). In its vicinity are a park and various amusement facilities.  more



Heinersdorf is very green and hasn't lost its small-town character. Single-family and two-family houses predominate here.  more



Blankenburg is a suburban neighborhood in the northeast of the capital characterized by single-family houses and a well-preserved village green and church.  more

Stadtrandsiedlung Malchow

Suburban Settlement Malchow

The suburban settlement of Malchow is very sparsely populated. The largest part is undeveloped and partly used for agriculture.  more



The center of the former village still features numerous farmhouses from the 19th century as wells as an old church. Visual contrast is provided by the housing estates in Karow-North.  more

Weißensee - Gründerviertel

Weißensee: Useful Information

The most important addresses in Weißensee: schools, local authorities, hospitals, restaurants, leisure facilities and more.  more