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  • Blankenburg

    Single-family homes in Blankenburg

  • Blankenburg

    Sulzer Straße / Treseburger Straße

  • Blankenburg

    Old Blankenburg

  • Blankenburg

    Old Blankenburg: the village church from 1240.

  • Blankenburg

    Old Blankenburg

  • Clouds

    Clouds above a field in Berlin-Blankenburg.

Blankenburg is a suburban neighborhood in the northeast of the capital characterized by single-family houses and a well-preserved village green and church.

Berlin-Blankenburg used to belong to the district of Weißensee. Today, Blankenburg is assigned to the administrative district of Pankow. The district is accessible by S-Bahn and several bus lines. On the border to Karow, the Karower Kreuz station is being built with stops for the S-Bahn and regional trains.

Blankenburg Village Church

The history of the Blankenburg village church goes back to the time around 1250. Just like more than 50 other old village churches in Berlin, the Blankenburg church is a listed building. The old village green on which the church is located and the surrounding single- and multi-family houses are well preserved. Together, they give Blankenburg the character of a quiet suburban settlement.

Blankenburg Allotment Gardens

The former Blankenburg allotment garden complex - one of the largest ones in Germany - is now an 207 acre recreational facility. The district also has other green areas: parts of Blankenburg belong to the Barnim Nature Park in Brandenburg. The cemetery in the northeast of Blankenburg is a park cemetery. The well-known composer and songwriter Reinhard Lakomy is buried here.

New Construction Project Blankenburg South

Until 2009, the southeast of Blankenburg was home to a branch of the University of Applied Sciences (HTW), formerly the Berlin-Wartenberg College of Engineering. The buildings have now been demolished to make way for at least 5,000 new apartments and a commercial area. However, the construction project has not yet been finally decided. A golf course adjoins the planned large housing estate called "Blankenburger Süden" to the east.

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