Young Climate Collaboration Berlin

Bird’s eye view of Berlin with view of the 17. Juni Street, Tiergarten and Berlin skyline.
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About YCCB

The Young Climate Collaboration Berlin > learn. claim. act (YCCB) is about getting together and getting involved!

The project aims to reach out to young international people between 18 and 28 years who want to actively engage in changing local climate politics. The central motto: learn, claim, act – all in collaboration with like-minded people throughout a variety of digital activities and events.
Set up within the framework of the Berlin Energy and Climate Protection Programme 2030, the YCCB will be focusing on relevant fields of action.

By the end of the first half of 2021, the final goal will be to work out demands and address them to politics during the Young Climate Conference Berlin in June.

The project’s goals at a glance:
LEARN: Practice-oriented communication of topics within the six fields of action of the BEK 2030. Creation of a common knowledge base about current conditions, successes and challenges within Berlin’s local climate context.
CLAIM: Development of own ideas, questions and needs in order to create a base for the development and formulation of concrete demands (claims).
ACT: Presentation of a series of claims that are addressed to political decision-makers. Creation of impulses for future engagement and willingness to act.

The core values are:
Participation: We want to open up a learning and communication platform in which young volunteers and experts can discuss current local conditions, successes and challenges within Berlin’s climate field, while developing their own ideas and claims for the future.
Internationality: The project language being English aims to invite and include international voices and provide a diversity of perspectives in the elaboration of ideas. Also, it facilitates the transfer and multiplication of promising ideas to other national contexts.
Sustainability: In the sense of a climate-neutral event management, sustainability and CO2 compensation are given a high priority.

Project modules

From March to May 2021, the project is dedicated to the aspect LEARN by exploring the different fields of action of the BEK 2030 in a practical way: A team of six young media agents develop their own ideas and improve their social-media-skills under the guidance of the communications expertteam from part while creating content for the project’s own Instagram channel @yccberlin. By doing this, they get the chance to dive into the local climate context and build up a network of relevant local initiatives.

During this period there will also be a variety of public events during the Young Climate Campus Berlin. Get ready to join and discuss with experts at the Climate Talks while focusing on specific fields of action. Check out more here.

From end of May until end of June 2021, the project is dedicated to the aspects CLAIM and ACT:
Based on the created common knowledge, own ideas will be developed in participative workshops within the framework of the Young Climate Campus Berlin. Questions and needs will be formulated, which will lay the foundation for the development of claims. In June, during the digital working conference Young Climate Conference Berlin concrete claims will be worked out and addressed to politics. In addition, further incentives for action will be created.

Berlin Energy and Climate Protection Programme (BEK 2030)

The Young Climate Collaboration Berlin is set up within the framework of the Berlin Energy and Climate Protection Programme 2030 (BEK 2030). The YCCB is a measure within the area of climate education being part of the field of action “Household and Consumption”, aiming at the participative implementation of the BEK 2030 in the local climate context of Berlin.
Against the background of the Paris Convention on climate protection, with the BEK 2030 the city of Berlin is promoting its measures on the way to climate neutrality and the defined goal of limiting global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius. In this framework, Berlin considers climate protection a cross-sectoral task. The BEK 2030 therefore contains around about 100 measures and strategies within 6 different fields of action in order to facilitate climate change mitigation and adaptation: energy, buildings and urban development, economy, transport, private households and consumption, and adaptation to the consequences of climate change.
For more information visit here.


By placing great value on sustainable event management, we follow the Federal Environment Agency’s (UBA) and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety’s (BMU) guidelines for the sustainable organisation of events (in German).

As day 2 of the Young Climate Conference Berlin will take place in a studio setting with live streaming, we have come up with a number of measures to reduce the environmental impact of the event. Although the rest of the programme, including the Young Climate Campus Berlin, is conducted in a digital format, we are nevertheless aware of the impact those events have on the environment as well, and have included measures to compensate that impact.

Our measures include:
  • A sustainable, EMAS-certified venues (Besondere Orte)
  • Compensation for any occurring, unavoidable CO 2 emissions regarding the practical implementation of the conference, including the emissions originating from server performance for the digital parts of the conference
  • Use of train and bus as preferred means of transport
  • A sustainable waste management system
  • A paper-free, digital and sustainable approach to information material
  • Regional, seasonal and vegetarian/vegan organic catering
  • Technical service providers that have committed themselves to sustainable practices in procurement, material and technical realisation

In choosing the locations for the events of the YCCB, the venues of Besondere Orte convinced us thanks to their environmental and sustainability approach. One of the venues, the Umweltforum, was among the first three event locations in Germany to be certified by the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) and has, in its mission statement, predefined that all processes within the venue have to adhere to sustainability as a guiding principle. It is drawing its energy exclusively from renewable sources since 2002, also producing part of its energy supply through solar panels itself, and offers 100% organic drinks, including fair trade tea and coffee.

Find out more about the venues of “Besondere Orte” and their sustainability measures here.


The project YCCB aims to encourage exchange of opinions and experiences and foster inspiration on the topic of climate activism and climate politics. In order to guarantee a respectful communal space for everyone, while maintaining an open and constructive exchange, we would kindly ask you to respect the following guidelines when interacting on our Instagram channel. Please also check our Code of Conduct with further guidelines for interaction especially within our events.

  • Respect each other!
    Please respect each other’s opinions and positions! Even if these might differ from your own ideas and views, treat other users like you want to be treated yourself when interacting. Insults, defamation, and personal provocation will not be tolerated. This also applies to contributions that glorify violence or carry discriminating, sexist, racist and/or xenophobic content. Comments of this kind may be deleted and users might be banned. Please note that sarcasm and irony can lead to miscommunication.
  • Stick to the subject!
    Comments should be related to the content of the channel/post and not contain any commercial aspects. All links, images and videos that advertise people, products or services will be deleted.
  • Protect yours and other people’s privacy!
    Please be aware of what kind of personal information you want to share online. Sharing personal data or sensitive details (addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) is not allowed. Please respect each other’s personal rights. Also please make sure, you do not violate the copyright of third parties. Content of this kind may also be deleted and users might be banned.
  • External links
    Please pay attention to the above rules when linking. We might remove posts with links if their contents violate the above rules.
  • Instagram’s terms of use
    The general terms of use of the platform apply. Contributions that violate applicable law and the terms of use will be removed.

Please be aware that the communication on the social media platform will be held in English. Please mind, that due to our international team structure, we can only reply to comments and direct messages, when posted in English.

Code of Conduct

Throughout our events we want everyone to feel comfortable, safe and included. Our goal is to provide a space, where we can mingle, exchange thoughts, ideas and opinions openly and in a respectful, constructive way – all together. So let’s make this an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone, by complying with our code of conduct, which basically consists of the following principle:
Harassment- and discrimination free zone
We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination in any form. This includes offensive verbal or written comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, provenance, religion, age. It also includes inappropriate use of nudity and/or sexual images (including presentation slides); inappropriate depictions of violence (including presentation slides), deliberate intimidation, stalking; photography or recording without consent; sustained disruption of talks or other events; and unwelcome sexual attention.
Our crew will implement this policy throughout the events. People who violate these rules and who are not willing to cooperate may be expelled from the events.
In case you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation during one of the events, there will be designated staff which you can reach out to via mail: