Young Climate Collaboration Berlin
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From March to May 2021, our Young Climate Campus Berlin will offer many opportunities for you to connect, exchange, learn and develop ideas in a series of digital events focusing on the fields of action of the BEK 2030. The Young Climate Campus Berlin forms the learning roadmap to the conference. Don’t miss this chance to gain essential knowledge and skills and get political decision-makers to take real action on climate change in Berlin and beyond!

Digital Climate Talks

The Climate Talks will provide you with profound knowledge, as well as open and controversial discussion points and the chance to ask your own questions. They all focus on a specific field of action of the BEK 2030. Save the Dates and make sure to be there!

Moderation throughout the events: Kipppunkt Kollektiv

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#1 Climate Talk: Buildings and Urban Development
18 March 2021, 4.00 – 5.30 pm
Berlin, like any metropolis, is faced with a growing population. This goes hand in hand with a demand for space on the one hand, and the challenges of climate change on the other. How can densification of living space, the reutilization of urban areas and quality of life be reconciled with each other? How do we bring together social and ecological justice and sustainability in an urban space that needs to adapt quickly to ever-changing demands and conditions?

Speaker: Tobias Schäfer (Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing),
Florian Köhl (fatkoehl architekten).

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2# Climate Talk: Private Households and Consumption
25 March 2021, 4.00 – 5.30 pm
Is it possible to reduce our personal carbon footprint to zero while living in a metropolis like Berlin? What about citizens who cannot afford organic food, green electricity and sustainable fashion? This Climate Talk on Private Households and Consumption will address how to get everyone on board when it comes to our personal contributions to climate protection and the impact we can all make as consumers.

Speaker: Nikolai Wolfert (cosum), Hanna Mauksch (clubliebe e.V.).

Image: @marieundjanda

3# Climate Talk: Energy
15 April 2021, 4.00 – 5.30 pm
Where does Berlin stand on its way to a #SolarCity? Which actions can we as citizens take, in order to encourage and support a more carbon-neutral energy consumption within the city? How can we maximise the given potential? In this third Climate Talk we want take a closer look at Berlin’s Masterplan Solar City: its aims, its challenges and how we can participate in this ambitious urban energy transformation.

Speaker: Farah Mohammadzadeh Valencia (expert energy efficiency & energie turnaround), N.N. (BürgerEnergie Berlin e.G.), N.N.

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4# Climate Talk: Transport
29 April 2021, 4.00 – 5.30 pm
In 2018, Berlin launched the #MobilityAct, an unprecedented law in Germany to boost climate-friendly mobility. Still, looking at Berlin’s streets, one could think that the road belongs mainly motorized vehicles. How is this possible and what concrete measures are taken to provide cyclists and pedestrians access to a convenient and safe urban space? How could an alternative use of the city’s road look like, and how could we get there? This Climate Talk will address these questions – and yours! – to critically reflect on the changing mobility patterns in Berlin and how the city needs to take action to adapt to them.

Speaker: Melanie Henneberger (Senate Department for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection), Dr. Dirk von Schneidemesser (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies)

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5# Climate Talk: Economy
6 May 2021, 4.00 – 5.30 pm
Berlin is Germany’s No. 1 start-up city. How can greenpreneurs, socialpreneurs and other socially and ecologically responsible actors have a lasting impact on the economic nature of the city in a sustainable way? Is our current economic model suitable for that? Does it need some “green” adjustments or do we need a systematical change towards an economy of the “commons”, with nothing belonging to anyone and everything belonging to everyone? Explore and discuss these questions with us in this Climate Talk when we look at how to make the economic nature of our urban space climate-friendly and socially maintainable for the future.

Speaker: tba.

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6# Climate Talk: Adaptation to the Consequences of Climate Change
20 May 2021, 4.00 – 5.30 pm
Despite all our efforts, we will not be able to prevent all the impacts of climate change on the city of Berlin. The city needs to find ways to adapt to rising temperatures and extensive dry summers, by coming up with measures such as the creation of green spaces and the unsealing of paved roads. How do we implement these measures? And how will this adaptation influence our daily lives as individuals? Together with experts we want to dive deeper into these questions, exploring and discussing options and necessities in order to prepare the city’s infrastructure and citizens for future changes Come and join us for this last Climate Talk before the Young Climate Conference Berlin!

Speaker: tba.

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Preparation Workshops

At the end of the CAMPUS series, there will be participatory preparation workshops in the run-up to the conference. Here is where you will learn how to communicate climate facts to political stakeholders, and find out how to connect information and storytelling. You can wrap up your insights and formulate concrete ideas for claims that will be handed over to Berlin’s Senate Department.

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You are interested in discussing relevant topics within Berlin’s climate field of action with experts? As soon as the registration procedure starts, you will find the link to the registration form right next to the campus event. After registration, you will automatically receive an email with the zoom link.

If you want to follow the discussion without interacting, you can find the livestreams here.

Throughout our events we want everyone to feel comfortable, safe and included. Please check out our Code of Conduct for participation.