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European Camera Trade Show Berlin


At this international camera trade show, dealers and collectors offer cameras and other photography products for sale or exchange.

The European Camera Trade Show Berlin is a place to sell, purchase and exchange cameras and equipment for professional photographers, amateurs and collectors. In addition to analog and digital cameras, visitors will also find video cameras and projectors, lenses, microscopes, batteries, storage media and flash lamps on offer.

Rarities and Bargains

Almost the entire product range from the field of photography is represented at the trade show in Berlin-Schöneberg. From precious antiques to the latest video and digital cameras, from tripods to exposure meters and accessories for image development - professionals, enthusiasts and collectors will find rarities, bargains and custom-made products here. To determine the value of their own cameras, visitors can use the free appraisal service by experts.

At a Glance

Trade Show
European Camera Trade Show Berlin
CVJM Jugendgästehaus Schöneberg
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Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Straße 10
10787 Berlin

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Last edited: 22 April 2024