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Luggage Theft: How to Protect Yourself at the Airport

Whether it's Berlin, Munich or New York, it can happen anywhere: a brief distraction and your suitcase is gone. Five tips to protect yourself against thieves at the airport.

Start der Sommerferien - Flughafen Stuttgart

It's every passenger's nightmare: before the vacation has even begun, a thief steals your suitcase at the airport. Chief Inspector Josef Pichlmeier from the police station at Munich Airport offers travelers five important tips to help protect themselves from luggage theft:

Keep contact with your luggage

One hand on the suitcase, the carry-on bag over the shoulder: that's how travelers get to and through check-in safely. When you take out your wallet, passport or ticket, it's best to hold the items firmly in your hands - don't put them down, even just briefly on a table.

Don't let yourself get distracted

Travelers are often stressed, and the atmosphere at the airport is usually hectic. Allowing enough time can help keep you calm and avoid distractions.

Do not entrust your luggage to strangers

Going to the bathroom with a suitcase and hand luggage is a challenge. But still - leaving your luggage with a stranger? "No way," warns the police chief. It's better to stay with your suitcase until it's checked in.

Pack away jewelry before passing security

At the security checkpoint, it is advisable to pack as many things as possible into your bag rather than placing them loosely into the basket for the X-ray machine. This is especially true for jewelry and other valuables. Often, the basket goes through the security check before you, and a watch lying loose in the basket is quickly stolen while you are still held up at the checkpoint.

Personalize your suitcase

Few suitcases are stolen at the baggage carousel in the arrivals hall. However, they are likely to get mixed up - in either case, your suitcase is gone. Eye-catching stickers or tags can help you quickly recognize you suitcase at the baggage carousel and not to lose sight of it.

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Last edited: 4 February 2022