River Cruise "Around the Müggelberge": Forests and lakes in Berlin's southeast

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River Cruise "Around the Müggelberge": Forests and lakes in Berlin's southeast

Schiffstour Müggelberge
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The five-hour boat tour on lakes and rivers invites passengers to an idyllic trip to the magnificent landscape around the Müggelberge hills in the district of Köpenick.
Route of the River Cruise "Around the Müggelberge":

Starting at Pier Hafen Treptow at Treptower Park the cruise vessel heads southeast to the historic Old Town of Köpenick, then continues across the Müggelsee with a view of the Müggelberge and the Müggelturm before passing the picturesque water estates of New Venice on the Müggelspree. The boat then reaches Dämeritzsee and floats on the Gosener Kanal up to Seddinsee and regatta course Grünau, Berlin's oldest sports venue. On the River Dahme, past the Old Town of Köpenick and up the River Spree the cruise vessel completes the round trip and returns to Pier Hafen Treptow.

This tour can also be booked as a one-way trip (to Grünau).

Tour details

  • Departure and return point:
    Pier Hafen Treptow, Pier Köpenick (Luisenhain)
  • Season:
    April to October
  • Length:
    About 3.5 - 5 hours
  • Cost:
    Adults 20.00 - 24.00 Euro, children under 14 10 - 12.00 Euro, children under 6 free
  • Highlights:
    Köpenick Palace, Müggelspree, Müggelberge, Neu Venedig, Grünau regatta course, and more


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Additional information

  • E-ticket
  • Live commentary (German, English)
  • Seat guarantee
  • Refreshments on board
  • Pre-order lunch menu
  • Payment by credit card
  • Payment by direct debit

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Schiffstour Müggelberge

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