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Die neue Magie Show

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Ehrlich Brothers - Dream & Fly

The new magical show

"Dream & Fly" will be the biggest magic show ever produced. Andreas and Chris Ehrlich will enchant the biggest arenas in the country with unprecedented illusions.

Dream & Fly - die neue Magie-Show – Ehrlich Brothers

Sebastian Konopix / Ehrlich Brothers

Dream & Fly - die neue Magie-Show – Ehrlich Brothers

Something else is new: the Ehrlich Brothers are going to bring their own live band to underlay their spectacular illusions with hot grooves and mighty power. Twenty 40-ton trucks are needed to transport the equipment for the mega show. Nothing will be revealed about the content yet! A first foretaste will be given on 15 June 2019 at their unique magic show in the Düsseldorf football stadium.

With "Experience Magic Dreams" and fascination, the Ehrlich Brothers have inspired millions of people and sparked a true magic fever. Additional shows after additional shows were scheduled to meet the immense demand. Now it's getting even bigger, even more spectacular!

This time the Brothers will also be among the audience.

Runtime: Sat, 05/02/2022 to Sun, 21/05/2023

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