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Cavewoman in Potsdam

Sex, lies & lipsticks! In this brilliant solo show Cavewoman Heike settles accounts with the self-proclaimed "Gentlemen of Creation".

Cavewoman in Potsdam – Lindenpark - Potsdam

Cavewoman in Potsdam – Lindenpark - Potsdam

Cavewoman Heike settles accounts

Sometimes with the rough Stone Age club, sometimes with the pointed, perfectly groomed nails of a modern cave woman, but always apt and funny to roar! But don't worry: Cavewoman is not a feminist attack on the common species man. Look forward to an enjoyable look at the coexistence of two different beings who have to share a planet, a city and the worst of all: an apartment!

Runtime: Thu, 07/11/2024 to Thu, 07/11/2024

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