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Zuzanna Hertzberg: Individual and Collective Resistance of Women During the Shoah

Attendance is possible with a valid exhibition ticket.   The Individual and Collective Resistance of Women During the Shoah performance is a continuation of my research and an attempt to recover herstories of resistance of Jewish women from Central... more

Saturday, 06/August/2022 16:00 (4 more dates)
KW - Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

Myriam El Haïk: Please Patterns

3.30—4 pm Live wall-drawing 4.30—4.45 pm Live piano performance 5—5.15 pm Live piano performance 5.30—5.45 pm Live piano performance 5.45—6.15 pm Live wall-drawing   Throughout the duration of the 12th Berlin Biennale, Myriam El Haïk is present... more

Thursday, 07/July/2022 15:30 (49 more dates)
KW - Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

Ernst von Glasow - East Prussian monuments and landscapes

Ernst von Glasow (1897-1969), born on his family's estate in Partheinen in the district of Heiligenbeil, formerly East Prussia, now Kaliningrad Oblast, ventured a new start as a freelance painter after World War II at the age of 49 in the Oldenburg Münsterland. In... more

Commercial Break - The Art of Subvertising

The exhibition WERBEPAUSE - The Art of Sub vertising gathers contemporary actors of the subvertising movement at Kunstraum Kreuzberg: a wild gathering of artists between post-situationism, activist art, parafiction, institutional critique, institutional... more

Renée Green: 'Inevitable Distances'

Since the late 1980s, Reno Green's multifaceted practice has imagined and expanded ways in which art becomes visible and latent historical narratives, collective memory, and circuits of cultural exchange take shape.   Green's texts, installations, films,... more

"Reveries - Longings" - Painting and Sculpture by Bärbel Richter and Andrea Eichenberg

With their double exhibition "Träumereien - Sehnsüchte", Bärbel Richter and Andrea Eichenberg conclude the exhibition series "Mitglieder des Fördervereins stellen aus" curated by the members of the association. The association is committed to the preservation... more


With the special exhibitionDINGE ORDNEN, the Werkbundarchiv - Museum der Dinge wants to show very concrete analogies between everyday systems of order and museum structures. In everyday life, we strive to put a stop to chaos - by means of order helpers,... more

Marius Stutte

Ab dem 18. Juni präsentiert Marius Stutte eine Auswahl seiner Arbeiten, die über die letzten Jahre entstanden sind. more

Danny Minnick | My own private paradise

The Kulturstiftung Schloss Britz, in cooperation with Galerie Geuer und Geuer (Düsseldorf) and Galerie Saal (Ludwigshafen), presents works by the US artist Danny Minnick. After a career as a professional skateboarder and actor, Minnick has established... more

At the cornerstone of our democracy

Many of the Berliners who took to the streets on 18 March 1848 for a better life were simple, often young people. Most of them were bitterly poor. Numerous apprentices, craftsmen and workers were there, also some women. They were all united by the courage... more

Von Anna Humpelhexe bis Zacharias Zappelbein

Von Anna Humpelhexe bis Zacharias Zappelbein – Wagemut und Wandel in Originalillustrationen zu Texten von Franz Fühmann. more

Starkes Duo

Ein neuer Ort für zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlins Mitte, das Haus Kunst Mitte, nimmt seine Ausstellungstätigkeit auf. more

The Birth of Techno

Techno is a genre of recent music history. Originating from different music genres, techno has developed in Detroit and Berlin, two urban places with very different historical developments. At the time of techno's emergence, both cities were undergoing... more

Flying at the limit

Wie durchlässig war der Eiserne Vorhang? Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg bis Anfang der 1990er Jahre standen sich die beiden großen politischen Machtblöcke der westlichen Demokratien und östlichen kommunistischen Staaten gegenüber. Die Grenze verlief in dieser... more

New Queer Photography

With works by:Mohamad Abdouni, Michael Bailey-Gates, Maika Elan, Milan Gies, Julia Gunther, Robin Hammond, Claudia Kent, Clifford Prince King, Laurence Rasti, Bradley Secker, ShahriaSharmin, Melody Melamed, Laurence Philomene, Pauliana Valente Pimentel,... more

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