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© AlliiertenMuseum / Chodan

How Enemies Became Friends

The history of the Western powers in Berlin is full of suspense and drama. It begins with the American, British, and French occupying troops marching into Berlin in 1945 and ends with the Allies’ ceremonial withdrawal in 1994. more

Teilnehmer der „Bike Wars“ in Berlin-Kreuzberg
© & Foto: Christophe Gateau

Easy Rider Road Show

The Easy Rider Road Show is dedicated to the bicycle as a subculture phenomenon. The two-part exhibition shows six photographic projects by international photographers. Jointly organized bymusuku - Museum der Subkulturen and Stadtmuseum Berlin, the show... more

R. Hoffmann

Unterhaltungselektronik 1950-1990

Ein Querschnitt durch 40 Jahre Produktion, mit teilweise noch funktionierenden Geräten. Preisinformationen: Eintritt frei, Spende erbeten more

Blick in die Dauerausstellung Staatssicherheit in der SED-Diktatur – Blick in die Dauerausstellung. Stasimuseum/ASTAK e.V.
Stasimuseum/ASTAK e.V.

State Security in the SED Dictatorship

The permanent exhibition focuses on the question of how the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED) managed to keep millions of people in the GDR under control over 40 years. more

Ausschnitt der Ausstellung Einblicke - Die Brüder Humboldt – Ausschnitt der Ausstellung Einblicke - Die Brüder Humboldt
Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss, Foto: Alexander Schippel

Impressions – The Humboldt Brothers

Alexander and Wilhelm are the Humboldt Forum’s namesakes. Their way of connected thinking, their curiosity and cosmopolitanism are the inspiration for the artistic and scientific programme of the Humboldt Forum. The exhibition Impressions. The Humboldt... more

Blick ins Kindermuseum unterm Dach
André Wagenzik

„Iss dich schlau! Von Apfel bis Zimt!“

Unter dem Motto „Was ist gut für mich und was ist gut für die Welt“ folgen die jungen Besucher_innen der Spur einer gesunden und nachhaltigen Ernährung. Erkunden, woher Lebensmittel kommen, wie sie zubereitet werden, welchen Einfluss sie auf den eigenen... more

© Stiftung Berliner Mauer

Border Stations and Ghost Stations in Divided Berlin

When the Berlin Wall was built on August 13, 1961, it divided the city as well as the transportation system. But two subway (U-Bahn) lines and one commuter rail (S-Bahn) line with departure and destinationstations in West Berlin continued to run through... more

Neue Synagoe, Rotunde – Neue Synagoe, Rotunde © Foto: Anna Fischer
© Foto: Anna Fischer

“Open ye the Gates”

In its permanent exhibition, “Open ye the Gates,” the New Synagogue Berlin – Centrum Judaicum Foundation traces the history of the building and the life associated with it. Most of the objects that tell the history of the building have been destroyed.... more

Anna Dorothea Therbusch, Porträt der Henriette Herz, Detail, 1778
© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Nationalgalerie / Andres Kilger

Anna Dorothea Therbusch

300 years ago, on 23 July 1721, Anna Dorothea Therbusch, one of the most important female artists of the 18th century, was born in Berlin. To mark this milestone anniversary, the Gemäldegalerie will be paying tribute to this extraordinary artist and pioneer... more

Nina Canell, The Nordic Pavilion, Installation view, 57th Venice Biennale, 2017
© Courtesy the artist, Barbara Wien Gallery, 303 Gallery, Mendes Wood DM, Foto: Nick Ash

Nina Canell

Nina Canell is interested in the often hidden or easily overlooked processes that determine our everyday life in the background. Her artistic practice does not revolve around the finished work of art. It is the provisional, surprising and unpredictable... more

Gartenausstellung "Villencolonie am Großen Wannsee" – Gartenausstellung über die frühere Villencolonie Alsen am Großen Wannsee © GHWK / M. Haupt
© GHWK / M. Haupt

Villencolonie Alsen am Großen Wannsee

Аb 1870 entstand in der Gegend um den Wannsee eine Kulturlandschaft, die während des Kaiserreichs und der Weimarer Republik in Berlin - vielleicht sogar in ganz Deutschland - einzigartig war. An die glanzvolle Welt des Berliner Großbürgertums und an die... more

Gustave Caillebotte: Rue Halévy, Blick aus der sechsten Etage, 1878 – Gustave Caillebotte: Rue Halévy, Blick aus der sechsten Etage
Sammlung Hasso Plattner

Impressionism. The Hasso Plattner Collection

The Museum Barberini in Potsdam shows impressionist paintings from the extensive collection of Hasso Plattner, the museum’s founder. More than 100 masterpieces by Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Berthe Morisot, Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissarro, Henri-Edmond... more

Jan Steins

Virchow in the Trichinella Temple

In 1864, Rudolf Virchow published his „Darstellung der Lehre von den Trichinen, mit Rücksicht auf die dadurch geboten Vorsichtsmaßregeln, für Laien und Aerzte“ (Berlin: Reimer, 1864). It is already clear from the title that Virchow was not simply presenting... more

Geländerundgang in 15 Stationen
© Thomas Pöllabauer

The Historic Site »Topography of Terror«

The site tour in 15 stations is designed to complement the permanent indoor exhibition, introducing visitors to the history of the terrain at the actual site. Information lecterns with photos, documents and 3-D graphics provide an historic overview of... more

Kronprinzensilber – Kronprinzensilber © SPSG

The Silver Vault

An exceptional presentation at Charlottenburg Palace displays rare pieces from the Hohenzollern silver collection, and Frederick the Great’s renowned snuffboxes. Together with the royal apartments and their art treasures, nearly 600 precious objects offer... more

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