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Y'akoto's music, which she herself describes as "Soul Seeking Music", is a tantalising mixture of neo-soul, singer-songwriter, Afrobeat and Afropop.

German-Ghanaian artist Y'akoto returns to Germany in April 2024 for two intimate exclusive live shows. The "Fool Me Once" & "Diamonds" hitmaker will present new material created in collaboration with Nabeyin. A Grammy nominated Ghanaian American producer who has produced for Kanye West, Drake and the recent Travis Scott album. She will also perform tracks from her famous trilogy of "Blues" albums. The two-time ECHO Award nominee will be performing in Germany for the first time since 2018. A concert of this kind is not to be missed, as Y'akoto epitomises a special live performance - visually, fashionably and, of course, musically.
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Runtime: Sat, 06/04/2024 to Sun, 07/04/2024

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