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Bibi Blocksberg - Everything is jinxed! - The musical (5+)

Bibi Blocksberg, Germany's most famous little witch, is going on another big tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland from 2020 with her musical "Alles wie verhext!

Bibi Blocksberg - Alles wie verhext! - Das Musical

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Bibi Blocksberg - Alles wie verhext! - Das Musical

For the 40th anniversary of the series, the new original Cocomico Musical can be experienced live all over the country until 2023!

Four successful Bibi Blocksberg live musicals from the pen of producer and author Marcell Gödde and his Cocomico Theater have already been seen by 1.2 million viewers in over 1350 performances. In many cities, it will soon be simply "Everything is jinxed" when Bibi Blocksberg comes flying by with her broom mashed potatoes. From 2020 to 2023 there will be a total of over 300 performances for many, many young and old enthusiastic spectators!

Bibi Blocksberg "Everything as if bewitched!" - The Musical

Everybody knows this, there are days when just everything goes wrong! It starts with getting up on the wrong foot in the morning and continues throughout the day. Then it's like "Everything is jinxed!". A day like that is also what the little, cheeky witch Bibi Blocksberg has caught: Already in the morning there is a huge mess with her parents Barbara and Bernhard Blocksberg at home. And at school, too, simply nothing works out. Bibi's teacher, Mrs Müller-Riebensehl, is really upset! In the evening there is Walpurgis Night on Blocksberg. This year Bibi and Barbara Blocksberg are supposed to light the big witch fire there together with Grandma Grete. But what will Walpurgia, the chairwoman of the witch council, say if everything goes wrong there?

There's a lot going on!

Will the witches of the Blocksberg family succeed on this "bewitched" day to light the witch fire for Walpurgis Night as planned? The little and big witch fans in the hall are even allowed to help Bibi, her mother and her grandmother, because taking part in this family pop musical is highly welcome - even in disguise. Little and big witches in costumes are very welcome! And if everything goes well with the help of the children and all the audience, Karla Kolumna, the raging reporter from Neustadt, will be able to write with confidence: It WAS all like magic.

Thrilling staging, great new songs and once again a lot of "Hex hex!

The Bibi Blocksberg musical "Alles wie verhext!", original and exclusive: witchy fun for the whole family!

The show is played in german.

Runtime: Fri, 24/03/2023 to Sat, 07/12/2024

Next date: Bibi Blocksberg - Alles wie verhext!

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