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40 years dream magic tree (3+) - The birthday party

Family musical by Monika Erhardt and Reinhard Lakomy

For more than three decades, the radio play and theatre play "The Dream Magic Tree" has been delighting children and adults alike with an imaginative story, likeable, funny characters and beautiful songs.

40 Jahre Traumzauberbaum - Das Geburtstagsfest

40 Jahre Traumzauberbaum - Das Geburtstagsfest

Not too far behind the town over the small bridge on the other bank of the river, there begins a big, big forest. And where the forest is 7 days deep, it shines mysteriously!

This is the dream magic tree, whose colourful leaves have magical powers. In this tree live also two little forest spirits called Moosmutzel and Waldwuffel. These two funny fellows have made it their business to use the magic of the leaves to conjure beautiful dreams for all children in the world. But then the cloud spirit "Zausel" threatens the idyll and the dreams of the children are in danger. Can the two forest spirits still avert disaster, or is everything lost forever?

The Dream Magic Tree is a heartwarming piece for the whole family. Join us on a journey into a mysterious world where anything is possible and good always triumphs.

The show is played in german.

Artists/Collaborators: Der Traumzauberbaum

Runtime: Sun, 18/08/2024 to Sun, 20/04/2025

Zusätzliche Informationen: Einlass 14:00 Uhr

Next date: Der Traumzauberbaum - Das Geburtstagsfest

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