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Baby concert

Classic on the crawling blanket

Baby concerts are live classical concerts by professional musicians for parents with babies and children at selected concert venues.

Babykonzert (Symbolbild)

Babykonzert (Symbolbild)

It is known that classical music encourages and calms babies. The baby-tested musical programme also appeals to adults. Families sit with their children on their own crawling blanket so that the baby can be placed on the floor.

The international professional ensembles play even when babies get loud. All musicians have babies and children themselves and play with love for all babies. All pieces are personally selected and adapted to the needs of babies.

Older siblings are also welcome and do not cost an additional entrance fee until they are 18 years old. All those accompanying the baby can attend. All adults pay admission. Collective tickets are available which reduce the price per adult.

Artists/Collaborators: Babykonzert - Klassik auf der Krabbeldecke

Runtime: Sun, 22/09/2024 to Sun, 22/09/2024

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