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One of the hardest working female singer-songwriters in the business is Katie Crutchfield. She was born in Alabama and grew up on Waxahatchee Creek.



She left the city and set up her own business as Waxahatchee. That was more than a decade ago. Crutchfield says she never knew her path would lead her here, but after six critically acclaimed albums, she's never felt more confident as an artist.

While her sound has evolved from lo-fi folk to lush, old-fashioned country, her voice has always remained the same. Honest and approachable, poetic with a southern charm. A bit like Mick Kelly to Carson McCullers, resolute in her desires and convictions, ready to say them to anyone who will listen.

And after years of sobriety and stability in Kansas City, after years of sacrificing herself to her work and the road, Crutchfield has arrived at her strongest songwriting yet. On her new album Tigers Blood, Crutchfield proves herself to be a powerhouse - an ethnologist of the self, constantly revisiting her victories and defeats. But now she's coming to new realizations that won't hold her back.

Runtime: Fri, 12/07/2024 to Mon, 15/07/2024

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