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Berlin Full Moon Marathon

Jogger in der Abendsonne


Night owls and sports fans can compete in the Berlin full moon marathon or half marathon, whose routes leads from the Sport Centrum Siemensstadt towards Tegeler See and the Havel River.

At the end of June, ambitious amateur runners in Spandau get to choose between a full marathon and a half marathon. The course leads around Tegeler See and along the Havel River. Both runs start in the late afternoon and continue well into the late evening. The organizers hope that a radiant full moon will accompany the athletes. Both the Full Moon Marathon and Full Moon Half Marathon are organized by the Im Saatwinkel running group.

Race Course of the Full Moon Marathon

Those running the full marathon start at the Sport Centrum Siemensstadt. From there, the route leads along the old Berlin-Spandau ship canal, along the banks of Lake Tegel and the Havel River through Berlin-Tegel, Tegel Forest, Konradshöhe, Heiligensee, Hennigsdorf, Nieder Neuendorf, Hakenfelde and back to the stadium. The half marathon runners basically follow the same route, but run a loop in Tegel Forest and then turn around back towards the start.

At a Glance

Full Moon Marathon and Half Marathon 2024
Start and Finish
Sport Centrum Siemensstadt
Start Time
Marathon 5 pm, half marathon 6 pm
22 June 2024

Sport Centrum Siemensstadt

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Buolstraße 14
13629 Berlin

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