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Senate provides 850,000 masks for people in need


The Senate Department for Social Services plans to provide 850,000 protective masks to Berlin's districts and aid organizations in the coming days.

The districts will receive 500,000 FFP2 masks and 250,000 surgical masks, which they will then distribute, the Senate explained. The free offer is intended to unbureaucratically benefit people with a "berlinpass" - that is, Berlinerswho receive social welfare, basic security, BAföG or education assistance.

Free masks and tests for homeless people

According to the Senate, another 100,000 FFP2 masks will go to Berlin's Kältehilfe, an aid organisation that cares for homeless people. In addition, the aid program's facilities already received an additional 50,000 rapid-response tests. "For people who have to turn over every euro three times, the cost of masks is a financial burden the longer the pandemic lasts," said Senator for Social Services Katja Kipping (Left Party). When calculating the standard rates, these costs would not be included. "The mask distribution campaigns in the districts are intended to mitigate this somewhat."

Author: dpa/
Publication date: 13 December 2022
Last updated: 13 December 2022

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