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Coronavirus incidence in Berlin rises to 292.7


The 7-day incidence in Berlin is at 292.7 on Tuesday (June 14, 2022), far above the level of the previous week. According to the RKI, 3046 new infections were reported. This brought the total number of registered cases to 1,066,136 since the start of the pandemic.

The nationwide figures also trend upward: the Robert Koch Institute reported a nationwide incidence of 447.3 on Tuesday morning. The previous day, the number of new infections in Germany per 100,000 inhabitants per week was 318.7 (previous week: 199.9; previous month: 477.0).

Not all infected persons take a PCR test

However, the incidence alone does not provide a complete picture of the infection situation. For some time now, experts have been assuming that a high number of cases are not recorded by the RKI - mainly because not all infected persons take a PCR test. Only positive PCR tests count in the statistics. In addition, late reports or data transmission problems can lead to distortion of individual daily figures.

Federal government: over 100,000 new corona infections in one day

Health offices in Germany last reported 105,840 new Coronavirus infections and 107 deaths within one day. A comparison with the values of the previous week is not meaningful due to very limited reporting on Whit Monday (June 06, 2022).

Experts suspect widespread underreporting

In general, the number of registered new infections and deaths fluctuates significantly from weekday to weekday, as more and more German states do not report to the RKI, especially on weekends, and subsequently report their cases during the course of the week. The RKI counted 26,915,085 confirmed infections with Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. The actual total number is likely to be significantly higher, as many infections are not detected.

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Publication date: 14 June 2022
Last updated: 14 June 2022

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