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Vaccination centers Tegel and ICC close

Coronavirus - Berlin

The state of Berlin will gear its vaccination campaign more closely to demand and therefore close the ICC and Tegel vaccination centers at the end of June 2022.

This was announced by the Senate Department for Health, Long-Term Care and Gender Equality in a press release on Thursday (May 19, 2022). The background to the planned closure is that more and more Coronavirus vaccinations are performed by physicians in private practice. In April 2022, this was about 85 percent of all vaccinations in Berlin.

Vaccination center in the Ring Center mall remains open

Vaccinations will continue to be offered at the more frequented vaccination center in the Ring Center on Frankfurter Allee. Children's vaccinations have also been taking place there since the beginning of May. Berliners can also continue to get vaccinated against Covid-19 at physicians in private practice and at the mobile vaccination teams in the districts.

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Publication date: 19 May 2022
Last updated: 19 May 2022

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