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Fewer positive Coronavirus tests in schools

Corona und Schule

The number of Coronavirus infections detected at Berlin's schools has declined - even though masks have no longer been mandatory since April 1.

This is according to statistics provided by the Senate Department for Education to the German Press Agency dpar on Tuesday (April 12, 2022). According to the statistics, the percentage of positive tests in the first week of April (school days April 4 to 8) was 0.22 percent among students and 0.51 percent among employees and teachers. Nearly 1.7 million rapid tests were given to both groups, of which 3352 were positive among students and 787 among school staff.

Declining proportion of positive Coronavirus tests

The week before (school days March 28-April 1), the proportion of positive tests was still 0.32 percent among students and 0.81 percent among employees. At that time, nearly 1.5 million Corona rapid tests were distributed, of which 4353 were positive among students and 1010 among school staff.

Experts see no reason to sound the all-clear yet

The number of confirmed Corona infections in Berlin has been gradually declining overall for some time. However, experts see no reason to sound the all-clear. The discontinuation of mandatory masks at schools and numerous other Coronavirus measures can be traced back to changes in the Federal Infection Protection Act. Education Senator Astrid-Sabine Busse (SPD) had appealed to students and school staff to continue wearing masks voluntarily.

Daily testing after the Easter holidays

After the Easter holidays, Corona testing at schools will be temporarily extended. Starting April 25, daily testing will be mandatory for both students and employees for one week instead of the previous three per week. The change is seen as a precautionary measure to be prepared in case of an increase in Corona infections during the vacations and to detect them quickly.

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Publication date: 12 April 2022
Last updated: 12 April 2022

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